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The subterranean recording studio for early music in Waldenburg (Baselland, CH) built in 1994 with a 390m3 cubature and 5m headroom allows even quiet instruments such as the lute or clavichord to be recorded independently of outside noise thanks to complete sound insulation. 

Die Akustik ist angenehm kurz, aber nicht trocken, was die Klangentwicklung der Instrumente im Raum begünstigt. Sie vermittelt a good playing feel and promotes the precise perception of the musicians among themselves. Das Studio eignet sich sowohl für Soloaufnahmen als auch für grössere Ensembles mit bis zu 15 Musikern bestens._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Various keyboard instruments are available in the studio, such as Bösendorfer Grand Piano 225,  Italian harpsichord after Giusti like an Erard piano (ca 1870). 

Good accessibility by public transport  (40 minutes from Basel) or car. 

The subterranean recording studio for ancient music which was built in 1994 in Waldenburg (Baselland, CH) with 370m3 cubage and 5m headroom allows to record even quiet instruments like lute and clavichord independently from exterior noise due to its complete sound isolation. The acoustic is pleasingly short but not dry, favoring the instrument's sound development within the room. It imparts a comfortable playing feel and promotes the musicians' precise perception among themselves. The studio is excellently suitable both for solo recordings and for larger ensembles of up to 15 musicians.

There are several instruments in the studio, like Grand Piano Bösendorfer 225, harpsichord after Giusti and Erard-Piano (ca. 1870)

Easy accessibility by public transport

(40 minutes from Basel) or by car.

Café Zimmermann: Cahier imaginaire de Johann Sebastian Bach

Café Zimmermann: Cahier imaginaire de Johann Sebastian Bach

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